1986 Born in Kochi,Japan.


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2020 "Dawn on a day in spring"(3F,Kochi)

2019 "The moon of the daytime, the sheath of the anima" (Gallery Kai,Osaka)

2018 "The moon of the daytime, the sheath of the anima" (GALLERY E,Kochi)

2016 "Umeå" (Sawada Mansion Gallery room38,Kochi)

2015 "Miyama" (Sawada Mansion Gallery room38,Kochi)

2014 "Sakai" (Sawada Mansion Gallery room38,Kochi)

          "Boundary" (Gallery Kai,Osaka)

2013 "Sakai" (Shinjuku Ganka Gallery,Tokyo)

          "Boundary" (Sawada Mansion Gallery room38,Kochi)

2012 "Camellia" (Sawada Mansion Gallery room38,Kochi)

2011 "hiver" (Sawada Mansion Gallery room38,Kochi)

2010 "inside" (Sawada Mansion Gallery room38,Kochi)

          "Next Generation" (RICOH Photo Gallery RING CUBE,Tokyo)

2009 "-SIRIUS-" (graffiti,Kochi)

2008 "-Moment-" (graffiti,Kochi)

          "Pictures of Light" (odd eye,Kochi)

2007 "Photo Cinema" (Peace Cafe,Kochi)

2005 "17" (Civic Art Gallery,Kochi City Culture Plaza)


Selected Group Exhibitions

2018 Kochi City Foundation for Cultural Activity Exhibition Vol.2" Shooting, Drawing, - Haruna SUGIMOTO and Nanako KAMIMURA Exhibition"(Civic Art Gallery,Kochi City Culture Plaza)

2016 "EN / Sawaman Gallery Room 38 exhibition"( Verkligheten,Umeå, Sweden)

2012 "Renovation Project of Warakoh warehouse" (Warakoh Museum,Kochi)

2010 "Shinjuku Tokyo Japan" (Shinjuku Ganka Gallery,Tokyo)

2009 "Foto residents" (TOTEM POLE PHOTO GALLERY,Tokyo)

          "Art of Power Born of Pleasure" (Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art,Hiroshima)


Selected Awards

2021 The 23rd "1_WALL " Photography Judges'Encouragement Prize(Selected by Nao Tsuda) 

2009 "ALSACE WINE PHOTO CONTEST 2009" Grand Prix

          "Onaeba vol.5 Kansai" Award of Reviewers Selection (recommended by Gallery Kai)

2005 "JEANS FACTORY CONTEMPORARY ART AWARD 2005" Award of Excellence 


2016  Verkligheten,Umeå, Sweden

2014  ASHIU FOREST RESEARCH STATION, Field Science Education and Research Center, Kyoto University